Why “Not Doing” HVAC Marketing Is Like Having “No AC” In Your House

HVAC business owners who do no marketing are like homeowners that have no air conditioning in their houses.

Imagine walking into a potential customer’s home, and it’s FREEZING because they have no air conditioning system.

You’d be thinking:

  • “Can I get a jacket?”
  • “What’s wrong with this person?”
  • “Do they have friends?”

You’d be super confused. 

You get to talking:

It turns out the homeowner thinks comfort systems are a waste of money and don’t work. 

They don’t BELIEVE in comfort systems.

Are you going to spend time trying to convince this person that a comfort system is an investment in their home? So they can enjoy it? So that they can sell it one day? So they can have people over and be comfortable? So everyone can stop freezing?

Heck no.

You’d high-tail it out of there and move onto a lead that believed a comfort system is an investment.

There are STILL some HVAC business owners that not only think marketing is a waste of money –

They think it doesn’t work.

They don’t BELIEVE in marketing.

The business doesn’t grow. Employees aren’t excited. The best talent goes to work for other HVAC companies.

These HVAC business owners with no marketing plan are like homeowners with no comfort system.

Cmon man. It’s 2022: marketing is nothing more than relationship building.

And you need to build relationships online to get more sales.

Don’t be the homeowner without AC. You’ll be miserable, and your home won’t be valuable. 

Don’t be an HVAC business owner without a marketing plan. Investing in great marketing will help you grow your HVAC business, hire the best talent, make more money, and eventually sell it one day.

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